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Holland America Princess

The Employer

The Hotels of Holland America-Princess are owned by a large corporation, which is a world-renowned leader of the high-end tourist service.With its long business history and experience and with more than 11 million clients, the HAP hotel chain offers a first class recreational conditions and a first class employment opportunities.The HAP hotel locations are among the most attractive Alaska destinations. A distinctive feature of the HAP business is the constant tourist inflow and the enormous number of cheerful and happy with their experience guests.

The Work and Travel participants who successfully complete their summer employment always proudly share their working progress. Excellent remuneration package and opportunities for next season job promotion are among the reasons that motivate the employees to develop long-term business relations with Holland America-Princess. A large variety of job offers guarantees that there is a suitable position for potential job applicants from all levels of language skills and previous work experience. Among the attractive job, options are kitchen and restaurant positions, public area maintenance, housekeeping, laundry attendant, fleet detailer. With its distinctive care for the employees, HAP offers outstanding housing conditions and a meal plan in some of its locations.

The Offers

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