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The price includes:

  • We process all the documents required to participate in Work and Travel
  • Get your work permit (DS-2019) issued fast so you can be among the first to schedule an interview with the US Embassy
  • Medical insurance covering the duration of your DS-2019
  • Verification and approval of a self-arranged Job Offer
  • Help with finding appropriate housing in the States
  • Preparation of the necessary documents for a J1 visa interview
  • We submit your visa application to the US Embassy in Sofia or arrange for you to bring them on your interview in another country
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Invaluable support and a ton of advice for traveling and staying in USA
  • Online assistance from your personal consultant while in the USA

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Pay when you come back

Go Work and Travel and pay when you’ve saved enough

Here’s an exclusive Orange offer: enjoy Work and Travel now and pay for it when you come back. This is not a bank loan and doesn’t require a ton of documents, you don’t pay a high interest rate or go through difficult procedures. You only need:
  • To speak English
  • To show you haven’t ever dropped out of university
  • To prove you’ve never had a US visa denial

* Limited availability for this option. Apply early. Ask for more details at your local Orange office.

Pay even for your airplane ticket to the USA when you come back.

Additional security

Selected extras for even more security added to your program

Visa Guard

Visa Guard

Get your program fees back in case of visa denial

Visa Guard PLUS

Visa Guard PLUS

Get a refund for even your visa interview fees if you get a visa denial

Travel Guard

Travel Guard

Cancel your program before you get DS-2019 and get a full refund

Travel Guard PLUS

Travel Guard PLUS

Get the most freedom possible - cancel your program even a day before your flight no matter why and get a refund.